The Cylinder On the way, Castor found a strange object in the middle of the corridor. It was a long cylinder covered in gold metal and intricate carvings of stars and planets. The cylinder did not seem to have an opening, although it appeared to be hollow. It was warm to the touch. William takes charge cheap phone cards! The only way that Esmeralda could muster enough courage to call this crone, was to talk first to her very best friend, her familar, a black cat, that had survived the Burning Times named, William, after the Bard himself. William uncondtionally loved her and without him, Esmeralda would have probably become a slave to one of those svelte, brainless, shallow witches. "William", Esmeralda sighed, "This seems to be my last chance for greatness buy international calling cards. I've got to become someone, considering mother and father, expect so much from me and I've just got to be able to go the great witche's convention next year in Stonehenge and fly in proudly or I might as well just hand in the broom now and call it quits." As much as William loved Esmeralda, he also got tired of her self-pity prepaid calling cards. "Listen, old girl" William replied. "Brighten up will you? What's this gloomy nonsense? That kind of talk is only for insipid-bloodless vampires who get their ideas from Anne Rice novels (not that I don't like her books). You have nothing but greatness running through you. And I have chosen to be your familiar! That says it all, doesn't it? Now, make the call or whatever and stop moping or else, I shall have to call your mother and have her come over and give you a good talking to." And with that... mercedes the witch i dont have the next part to the story .oh what i waant to tell you is that i want to become a witch .i been going to the library looking for books about witchs .i want to go to a all witch school and i'm asking you to help me get there international calls. love your witch friend mercedes shaday davis Stanley, the Pleasant Ex Estella called Stanley, her ex-boyfriend. "Stanley, it's Estella!" she said into her pink princess phone domestic call cards. "Estella, my goodness! How wonderful to hear your dulcet voice!" said Stanley. He had a nasal voice and sniffed a lot, as if his nose were always runny. "Stanley, I have a big favor to ask you." "My darling, Estella, I have always wished and waited for the day you'd come back to my arms, darling! The answer is yes! Kiss kiss kiss!" "Well, Stanley, no, this isn't about that. Um." "Oh. Ha ha ha. Well, tomorrow is, after all, another day! What can I do for you?" "Well..." Little Estella Hits The Big City Estella drove exactly 65 miles an hour all the way to the big city while listening to an Adult Contemporary radio station. Once she hit the traffic of the city, she was very careful to observe all the traffic laws and to stop at all the yellow lights. Eventually she turned the radio off because she couldn't hear it over the incessant beeping behind her. Estella was hungry, so she parked the car and got a deli sandwich. She decided to go to a nearby park to eat her sandwich and drink her caffeine free Diet Coke. She sat on an empty bench, and as she was unwrapping her turkey and swiss on white bread, she noticed a very young man with dyed green hair who was wearing a black leather jacket trimmed with metal studs and chains. "My, how early 80s," Estella thought. "Is that look back in style already?" But Estella was intrigued. He was inappropriately young for her and very wild looking. He might make the perfect "boyfriend" to go with her on the Jerry Springer Show.