Blinded Blind Dates, Part 2

Posted On: Monday, October 29th, 2012 at 1:46 pm

And so, when I asked Anna what her date sounded like on the telephone, I was both surprised and disappointed when she donned a blank expression and shrugged. “I don’t know,” she snapped at me, quickly finding a perturbed expression. “He sounded normal. Are you going to help me with this, or what?” Little did the poor dear realize that she had thrown away another sense, she was already working on blindness. Couldn’t she see that her first gut instinct was another sense that was undeniable critical to her happiness?!

Moving right along, I inquired as to whether she at least knew a little bit about him, his past, his ambitions, or even his shoe size. It was at this juncture in our conversation that Anna smiled, a sarcastic smile, mind you, and looked a bit more relaxed. “Of course, you ninny,” she chastised me, “I got a full description of his looks and I even saw a picture.” It sounded okay. For the first time in our conversation, I felt relaxed enough to pause and order another coffee; it wasn’t truly a blind date, I thought to myself, for Anna had had the foresight to retrieve that sense and go in without being blind sided.

“Do tell,” I prompted her. But my exhilaration was short lived. As it turned out, Anna admitted that it was a grainy, high school photo taken over ten years ago. And no one looked good in the eighties.

Desperately trying for a new avenue, now just searching in the dark for one shred of information with which I could encourage her, I asked her what this blind date did for a living. Here, the conversation wilted further beyond the point of no return. My friend was quite defensive as she explained that the guy was “in between jobs,” but, “a brilliant architect, I’m told”. Oh no. Good God!

I was left to nod silently, burning my mouth on a premature sip of steaming Java. Even my dear friend Anna wasn’t naive enough to retaliate with another sardonic expression. And so, we sipped in silence, both filled with a quiet understanding that this blind date was going to be a shot in the dark, for how can one be optimistic without all one’s capacities?

Now, don’t get me wrong. My sister, an intelligent, professional woman, had exceedingly good luck on a blind date and blissful matrimony has even resulted…

But to be fair, she had the foresight to evaluate all of the important factors beforehand so that she wasn’t going in totally without sight.

As for my good friend Anna, her date was successful in only one aspect. We got to hear all about the hideous adventure during coffee later that week and laughed till the tears ran down our faces.

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