Worksite Health Promotion. Part 2

Posted On: Thursday, October 11th, 2012 at 4:15 pm

Health promotion benefits

Worksite health promotion (WHP) programs generally consist of a combination of diagnostic, educational and behavior-modification activities. These programs are initiated, endorsed and supported by the employing organization, and are designed to support the attainment and maintenance of health and well-being. Since these programs do notgenerate revenue, they must offer otherbenefits, and enough of them to outweigh the costs of the new program. The presumed benefits can be divided into directcost savings and indirect benefits.

Directcost savings.The direct cost savings can include a decrease in companycosts due toreducedabsenteeism, tardiness and voluntary turnover. It is believed that medical costs and use of medical facilities is alsoreduced. In addition, there is often a decrease in disability, worker’s compensation and insurance premiums. This category of potential cost savings is quantitatively measurable.

Indirect benefits.The indirect benefits of a worksite health promotion programare less tangible, and include improved physical and mental health, an increase in job performance and satisfaction, and lower levels of stress and burnout for employees. Employee commitment and loyalty to the company may also increase, as well as improved self-image and creativity.The organization can also derive benefitsin improved corporate image, labor relations and recruiting.

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