Worksite Health Promotion. Part 3

Posted On: Friday, October 12th, 2012 at 4:18 pm

Involving health clubs

Once a company decides to offer a worksite health promotion program, they may wonder who willdeliver these programs.Fitness facilitiesand wellness centers canprovide a solution for companies looking to adopt such a program. First, clubs generally have access to health professionals, dieticians, exercise physiologists and health educators. Whether these resources are on staff or are contractors, the club will likely have a strong network of the necessary people. Second, all of the club’smembers become contacts. Most members, depending on the club’s location and membership population, work. They already belong to the club, and are part of an employee network, and can act as contacts between the two. Human resources will be more likely to listen to WHP ideas from a fitness professional who was directed to them by one of their own employees.

WHP programs offer benefits to both the health club and the targeted organization or corporation. Going out into the community to provide WHP programs creates another revenue steam for the health club, andopens up a whole new market. It is alsoa great marketing tool. The club can improve its public image by building credibility. It can demonstrate that its employees are well-educated and interested in helping others, and that it has a commitment to the community’s health.

Starting a WHP program

While there are many long-term benefits of a WHP program for a company, if you are trying to pitch a program to a corporation,it is recommended that you emphasize the short-term benefits, which are alsothose that have the greatest effect on profitability.While the long-term benefits of reducing risk of disease and promoting longevity are important, they may not be as important to employers. Highlighting immediate outcomes, such as increasedjob performance and decreasedabsenteeism and stress are essential for establishing WHP as a viable human resource strategy.

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